Personal protection

The privilege of saving an individual’s life is a divine mission. Megiddo takes pride in providing only the highest quality and most reliable protection gear in the market. With focus on every customer’s needs, we supply a wide range of ergonomically designed, tested and guarantied vests, helmets and plates with high performance ballistics, durability and flexibility.

Ballistic Vests

Megiddo’s soft ballistic NIJ 0101.06 certified solutions assure ultimate protection for its users against soft and hard core bullets. Focusing on comfort and flexibility, we deliver light weight, ergonomic vests, manufactured using advanced fabrics and materials and are designed according to feedbacks received directly from the field, our adjustable vests allow full air circulation, climate control, and sweat absorption.

Ballistic Helmets

Partnering with one of the largest and most valued helmet manufacturers in the world, we bring the added value for the lightest but strongest helmets in the industry. With the highest ballistic to weight ratio, our helmets are preferred by most of the armed forces around the globe. We focus on 3 main characteristics – safety, comfort, hardness.

Ballistic Plates

As crime and terror are rapidly evolving and growing worldwide, the solutions must overcome the threats. Megiddo’s innovative ballistic plates increases significantly the protection level of the individual. State-of-the-art technologies are used to create our unique lightweight insert panels accommodating the highest ballistic threats.


Megiddo provides additional equipment for personal & crew survivability from top notch suppliers. Contact our sales team to find out about our unique and special equipment.