Megiddo is a full-service vendor with a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities.

Who We Are?

Megiddo is a reputable international vendor providing unique-innovative gear and services to key players across the globe. Establishing strong and significant relationships with prominent firms in the international defense and security arena, we have created numerous successful projects, generating highly impressive results.

Placing uncompromising reliability at the forefront of all our endeavors, Megiddo is positioned as the trusted resource for the delivery of top-quality, life-saving equipment across five continents. Whether we are partnering up with a company/local agent, or representing a firm in various markets, we seek only long-term business relationships based on the utmost in professionalism and trust.

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Protection – Ballistic helmets, vests, plates & accessories
  • Armored Vehicles – Military and commercial platforms
  • Infrastructure Protection – Passive and active protection
  • IT and Cyber Protection
  • Security Services and Surveillance Systems
  • EOD Equipment and Robots

What We Do?

Based on our extensive expertise and international network, we identify business opportunities with positive marketing and sales potential. We then define and provide the specific solution from one of our partners and support the entire process towards achieving the successful implementation of the contract to assure the end-user is satisfied. Ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue generation.

Our products and services are offered to government, humanitarian and commercial organizations worldwide.

Our Corporate Culture

Our partners and customers enjoy our down to earth culture and result-driven agenda. We believe in providing precise solutions through focused core lines of business, backed by seamlessly tailored responses to meet the end-user’s specific needs.


Core Values

  • EXCELLENCE - We do not compromise on anything and promote a culture of excellence at all levels of performance.
  • LEADERSHIP - We believe in the power of leadership, and make sure to maintain this atmosphere at all managerial levels.
  • IMPACT - We encourage initiation, innovation and creativity to achieve a prominent position within the market.
  • INTEGRITY – We conduct our business while adhering to the strictest code of ethics. Honesty and trust are our guiding light.

We have walked in your boots.

Megiddo’s team comprises former IDF and US Special Forces personnel. Together, we have unparalleled comprehensive real-world experience in the design, implementation, execution and ongoing support of domestic and international projects.

Global Supply Chain

Our supply chain strategy is based on specific key factors which we follow throughout the projects life-cycle. To us, the shipping is an integral part of the project as well as the ongoing service and maintenance that we provide worldwide. Megiddo collaborates only with Qualified Strategic Suppliers and Qualified Subcontractors.

Shipping & Logistics

All supply chain activities are globally coordinated to leverage best practices and global purchasing power without compromising flexibility.

Project Management

The primary top-level factor for successful program management is pre-planning. Megiddo’s PM team invests maximum effort and professionalism to assure the successful implementation of the project from A to Z . according to the specs and the within the time frame.

Key functions utilized to efficiently implement the plan:

  • Ongoing and constant control of the project and customer updates on daily/weekly bases.
  • Schedule Monitoring and progress tracking.
  • Megiddo's Quality System is certified to ISO – 9001:2008, and complies with the highest standards in the industry.
  • A source inspection is performed on each batch prior to delivery.


Megiddo is committed to saving the lives of children, women and men by supplying high quality lifesaving and security technologies delivered on-time. Our goal is to simply save as many lives as we can and making a significant and long-term mark in the protection and security industry.


Megiddo strives to position itself as one of the most reliable, reputable and respected companies in the industry by contributing to world peace and safety while generating optimal value for the end user.

Story of Megiddo

Megiddo was a site of great importance in the ancient world. It guarded the western branch of a narrow pass and trade route connecting Egypt and Assyria. Because of its strategic location, Megiddo was the site of several historical battles. Megiddo’s temple has been described as the most monumental single edifice and ranks among the largest structures of its time in the Near East. The area was resettled by what some scholars have identified as early Israelites, before being replaced with an unwalled Philistine town. When the Israelites captured it, though, it became an important city.