Security services and surveillance systems

Feeling safe and secure is the most important value, the right to live in peace is in the hands of the ones who protect us and keep us safe. Megiddo offers a full range of security services and equipment, including body guards, security consulting, risk assessment and training that are developed to assure maximum efficiency to our clients.

Surveillance & Observation

Megiddo’s surveillance and observation division offers HLS & defense solutions for contemporary security challenges. Providing a full cost-effective turnkey package our comprehensive applications are ideal for: Air, Land & Sea.


  • Police and Law Enforcement – Fully equipped UAV’s , helicopters, balloons, patrol vehicles, command & control rooms, patrol boats.
  • Intruder detection – Touch detect fences, radar motion alert system with day & night 24/7 cameras.
  • Border protection – 24/7 day & night vision with large area scanning system that detects, tracks and recognizes unauthorized intruders with real-time alerts.
  • Gas & Oil security – High resolution panoramic observation with auto detection alert, optimal for any distance range.
  • Air Surveillance – Most advanced electro-optics sensors and precision motion control systems produce high-end cameras that are integrated on a variety of aerial platforms.
  • Home land security surveillance and observation – Airports, harbors, seaports, coastlines, borders.
  • Custom made solutions – work in collaboration with our experts to determine the best solution for your needs.
Business Inquiry

Security Services

We are committed to our customer’s safety and peace of mind and provide only highly qualified & trained personal using the best gear to execute their mission. Feel calm while our professionals successfully deal with any complex mission they face with.

Our Security Services Include:

  • Dignitary protection: Personal body guard services for celebrities, dignitaries and VIP’s.
  • Emergency security solutions and crowd control
  • Seaport and maritime security
  • Access control: We provide video cameras and assist with access control on property.
  • Consulting: Advice on methods to safely securing any environment.
  • Risk assessment: We specialize in identifying risks and provide you with recommendations and solutions.

Megiddo's Training Academy

Megiddo’s academy provides basic, extensive and comprehensive training courses in various different fields:

  • Executive protection courses private & governmental personals (2-4 weeks / 4-8 weeks).
  • Police Training
  • Border police and immigration security forces as well sea border control.
  • Training of special police units for specific assignments: Anti-crime, Drug enforcement, Intervention teams, etc.
  • Prison enforcement.
  • K-9 dog training for all purposes (drugs, explosives detection etc.)
  • EOD and robots operation

Commercial Training

  • Aviation security, Airport security, Aviation companies
  • Seaport & Maritime security (harbors & ships).
  • Infrastructure facilities (petroleum, Gas, Electricity).
  • Dog training -"K-9" for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking).
  • Public transportation security.
  • Bank's, Hotel's & Casino's security.
  • Shopping malls, private buildings, factories etc.

*All courses can be modified and conducted at any location required.

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