Infrastructure protection

Strategic infrastructure and property are targeted by terrorist and criminal threats all over the world which only a comprehensive solution can cover all worst scenarios.

Megiddo is the most trusted resource for infrastructure protection.

Based on turn-key, fully integrated solutions that protect critical infrastructure by eliminating the hazards caused as a result of an explosion. Our GlobalGaurd™ is a unique patented ‘hybrid composite material’ with extreme ballistic properties.
Following a blast event, the GlobalGaurd™ stretches under the impact of the blast energy and absorbs the generated stresses to prevent concrete and brick fragments from penetrating into the building’s interior space thus saving the lives of the people inside the building.

U.S. Patent 6212 840 BL.

Main Uses

  • Embassies Government and federal buildings
  • Public buildings and commercial centers
  • Oil refineries and gas farms
  • Banks Sport halls/stadiums
  • Military and police bases
  • Transportation terminals and stations
  • Mines Religious institutions


  • Each project is tailor made to the needs of protection.
  • Withstands the highest blast levels—more than 300 psi* M.Sc.(Impulse).
  • Offers best protection to walls integrated with blast-proof windows and doors.
  • Reduces substantially hazards from wall debris in case of a direct hit from shoulder launched anti-tank weapons.
  • Can be installed rapidly by infantry troops in battle.
  • Cost effective.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • “Breathing” (porous) material which maintains room ventilation.
  • Can be decorated and painted with commercially available paints.
  • Flame retardant and fungi resistant.
  • Offers engineering flexibility in meeting architectural design specifications.
  • Eliminates the need to use heavy and massive framing methods for blast reinforcement of existing walls.

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