EOD equipment & robots

The increasing bomb threats around the world are becoming more sophisticated to deal with. We supply only life-saving equipment that insures max efficiency for the toughest missions.

Cutting edge innovative bomb disposal and prevention systems

Megiddo provides a variety of ‘Explosive Ordnance Disposal’ gear for different uses. We supply tactical products that undergo full-scale blast testing and comply with the strictest standards in the industry. Our equipment is trusted by defense forces, law enforcement and humanitarian agencies world-wide.

EOD Equipment

  • Bomb protection suite
  • Helmet with visor
  • Blast light-weight blanket
  • Bomb disposal tools & mine dismulting shoes

IED Jammers

Jammers are designed to secure a certain radius from IED’s by neutralizing any radio/cellular/Wi-Fi transmission within the perimeter. The jammer interrupts communications by broadcasting on the particular frequencies of the IED’s remote.

Megiddo’s portable, stationary and custom jammers are deployed in:

  • Convoy protection
  • Bomb Disposal
  • Prison Facilities


Megiddo offers different robot platforms from small to large sizes for bomb disposal squads, tactical teams, military EOD units and security authorities. These remotely operated robots can manage any array of hazardous threats and maneuver in extreme conditions and situations including vehicle bomb IED’s, improvised explosive devices and chemical & biological threats. Find out more about our robots

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