Armored vehicles

Together with our partners we have created a broad spectrum of combat-proven armored vehicles, including APC’s, luxury sedans & SUV’s, buses, trucks and tactical platforms.

Luxury VIP & Escort

Our bulletproof cars are a perfect mixture between strength, safety & luxury. Every vehicle is delivered to the highest level of finishing. By pre-defining the main uses of the vehicle (together with the customer) we maximize efficiency by tailoring the needs of the client accordingly into the internal and external design of the vehicle. Combining advanced composite materials and ballistic steel the lightweight armor kits comply with the most stringent ballistic and blast standards for e.g. – VPAM BRV 2010 VR7.

Armored Personal Carrier - APC's

Our robust and lightweight APC’s for military and police forces are designed to defeat both firearms and explosive threats reaching up to STANAG 4569 Level III. A combination between field experience and knowhow lead to revolutionary ballistic results in comparison to the vehicle’s performance and agility. Megiddo’s APC’s are based on in-house engineered armored capsules adapted on reinforced OEM chassis.

Special Purpose, Emergency & Rescue

The rapidly evolving crime and terror organizations around the world had led to the development of innovative platforms for specific missions. We carry out the most unique vehicles such as ambulances, rescue vehicles, CIT’s, prisoner carriers and more.

Spare Parts

Megiddo provides additional equipment & service for armored vehicles maintenance -bulletproof glass, shock absorbers, HD brake system, Run-flats, accessories and more. Contact our team for any inquiry.

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